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Biofreeze Gel is recommended by clinic professionals and athletes to relieve soreness, achiness, and pain from back, neck, shoulder, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, foot, and ankle injuries. It works by reducing inflammation and cooling the injured area. We recommend it for our acute injury patients to help them recover faster from post-treatment soreness. It is not tested on animals, made with USP grade ingredients, and free of NSAIDs, parabens, and propylene glycol.

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We have a wide variety of different custom orthopedic braces that could suit your needs. Whether you have Tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, new knee surgery, or ankle instability injury, our products are high quality and will fit all different body part circumferences. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

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Compression socks – or compression stockings – are specialized socks that apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles. They can help improve blood flow from your legs to your heart. Compression socks have also been shown to help decrease swelling and pain in the legs and ankles.“By applying pressure to the legs, they reduce the extra fluid in the legs, reduce inflammation, and ultimately improve blood flow through the veins to the heart.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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All Natural, Medical Grade Nutraceutical Support for our Patients

Vip Health Care delivers exceptional nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions.

VIP promotes products with only the highest standards in formulation that are all natural, bioavailable, promote cellular repair, combat degenerative diseases and providing adjunctive nutritional support in the case of specific health conditions.

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