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 Simone Maman,Toronto,Ontario 
Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, Health and Fitness Writer at IFBB PRO  


Sprain Strain, Sprain Strain, Sprain Strain! Say that 3x fast. I felt it 1000000x hard

A once chiropractic skeptic, I'm totally converted👍


At the hands of Dr. Nguyen Lam, chiropractor and acupuncturist, I went from having virtually NO mobility in my neck/trap area to comfortable mobility and measurably improved posture. I made the bro mistake of lifting a bit too heavy on my lateral raises and caused some serious damage to my upper spine. Amazing what a combo treatment and some faith can do.


Best part, he does HOUSECALLS!!!
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— with Viphealth Care and Nir Maman.


Thank You so much Simone for posting this on facebook. View the orginal post here complete with her humourous before and after pictures ...




Leah B.  Toronto,Ontario 


"VIP Health Care Clinic is awesome! The staff are friendly and professional, the environment is welcoming and very relaxing. 

During my appointment I received a massage and an adjustment. My job is physically demanding and I visited Dr. Lam upon recommendation from a friend because I was suffering from a sharp lower back pain, in just one session I felt so much better! I absolutely recommend this place to anyone searching for quality chiropractic care in Toronto."



Nhan L. -Markham Ontario


"I have been going to see Dr. Lam for over 5 years.  The new office is very clean, well equipped and spacious.  His team of staff is very courteous and professional."

Cristina F -Toronto, Ontario


"Dr.Lam has by far been one of the best doctor I have met , he spends a lot of time with his patients not like most doctors my experience at VIP Health Care has been very phenomenal experience I have been treated properly not only as a patient but a person to for years I have had constant migraines due to the repetitive stress on my neck  and with Dr.Lam his assistant and awesome massage therapist I have been able to get rid of my migraines , my mother was also involved in a work related injury and was treated by Dr.Lam he got her better in no time to return back to full work duties also she was very pleased they took care of all her paper work I recommend VIP Health Care Clinic highly my experience has been great!"



Mike L. -Toronto, Ontario


"I've been to many Chiropractors in my time...Dr. Lam is by far the best! Rather than just having you hop up on the table for a quick adjustment and waving you out the door, he takes the time to properly assess where your problem areas are. He cares about his patients and takes the time to work on getting them back on track. He doesn't pressure you to come back (for maintenance), unless you really need the treatment. After that, he trusts that you know when it's time for a return visit. Dr. Lam has a great disposition, is witty, makes you feel comfortable, and I'd recommend him to anyone seeking great chiropractic services."



Joyce C. -Toronto, Ontario

"After spending 2 years and a lot of money on what I call a "back crack " : ) for a 5 minute session to treat a sciatic nerve problem for 38.00 bucks !! , I took the advise of my brother -in -law from Nova Scotia and searched for someone in Toronto who could do spinal decompression ( Cox Flexion Distraction)  , and there was only one, Dr Lam of the V.I.P Health Services  AND he is amazing !! A fantastic guy,  and he also is very reasonable for the amount of time he spends with his patients. A caring and nurturing individual with an awesome support staff ! And he travels if you need him to !! Amazing !! And I feel so much better : )"



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